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Short Game Philosophy

Why the Short Game is more beneficial to making you a better player in a quicker time frame?

Since the introduction of metal headed drivers and the improvement in the technology throughout the golf industry over the last 25 to 30 years, the USGA made a report that the average handicap reduced in that period of time by less than 2 strokes for men and 3 for women. Now consider the amount of new equipment that is open to the market where companies launch a new product saying that it offers you 5 to 10 extra yards, which is is possibly the case, except with all that extra distance people have added to there games, why has the averages not shifted further? Well being able to hit the ball further certainly is an advantage to helping you play better, but it doesn't determine the whole picture to what score you may make. Thats why having a short game that is designed to reduce your handicap is vital to help reduce your scores and lower your handicap.

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