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                       My Coaching Philosophy

To me coaching is something I love to do, as I've always enjoyed helping people become better golfers no matter what level they play at, or aspire to be. The one thing I always try do with all my customers is make sure they leave my lessons feeling they have a purpose with something to work on, but more importantly something to gain confidence in to play better golf. Golf can be a fantastic game at times to play, however I know very well playing this amazing game as a professional how frustrating it can be at the same time. Learning to deal with those frustrations is part of the game, but however I find many people reach a point where they hit a brick wall, especially if they're performances do not match their own expectations. The definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time you play, however if you are that person who is constantly hitting a brick wall and not making any progress then my question to you is what are you prepared to do to change. Change to a lot of people can be quite a daunting word in golf but that's where my job to help facilitate that change is important in advancing your skills and making that breakthrough,

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